The Legislative Summit 2019 will seek to build on the gains of the first three legislative summits while providing an avenue for Kenya Legislatures to critically interrogate their roles in the devolved governance structure, six years after its implementation begun. The pioneer devolved system of government largely focused on setting up of structures and hence much of the attention was on establishing the policy, legal and institution framework for democratic governance. The theme of this summit will focus on delivering on the objects of devolution guided by the constitutionally outlined principles as stipulated in Articles 174 and 175 respectively. The proposed theme is

 “Accelerating devolution; assessing the achievements and addressing the gaps in policy and legislation”

Whereas great milestones have been achieved in devolution since 2013, there is still a lot to be done to ensure the full realization of the objects and principles of devolution.  One of the resolutions of the third legislative summit was the need to harmonize laws and policies relating to devolved functions to conclude the outstanding unbundling, costing and functional assignment of devolved functions to ensure adequate resourcing of counties based on devolved functions.

The main objectives of the Legislative Summit 2019 will be;

  1. To assess the progress made in legislations that support entrenching of devolution;
  2. To identify the gaps and challenges in legislation that are impeding devolution and develop measures to address them;
  3. To identify opportunities that can be harnessed to accelerate devolution
  4. To provide a platform for dialogue amongst key actors in devolution to learn and share experiences;
  5. To strengthen inter and intra-governmental relations for effective implementation of devolution.

The establishment of the Legislative Summit shall:

  1. Produce a progress report on the status in legislation so far, as a follow up from the previous legislative summits;
  2. Provide a means by Members of the County Assemblies to share experiences, information, and advice on a variety of issues ranging from policy to management;
  3. Serve as an opportunity for County Assemblies to share experiences and suggestions for the improvement in Legislations;
  4. Develop Action Plans and Way Forward on identified key areas of challenge and opportunities.

The theme and the Summit program will focus on the following key areas;

Legislating to facilitate implementation of the Big Four Agenda

  • Progress to date
  • Areas that need urgent legislation both at the National and County level including review of obsolete laws
  • Capacity building for effective legislation and oversight
  • Human Rights based approach in policy and legislation (Legislation on Article 43)
  • Enhancing the public participation for effective policy formulation and legislation

Panelists will comprise representatives from the Senate, County Executive and Assemblies, Attorney General, Presidential Delivery Unit, State Department for Planning, representatives of development partners, KNCHR, Kenya Law Reporting Commission, international and local experts.

 2019 census and delimitation of boundaries

Panelists will be comprise representatives from the National Treasury, KNBS, Senate, County Assemblies, Development Partners, Private Sector

 The place of Regional Developments Authorities and Regional Economic Blocs in the devolved system of government

  • Legal Framework - Role of Kenyan Legislatures
  • Resourcing (Finances and Human Resource)

Panelists will comprise of representatives from the Ministry of Devolution and ASAL, Regional Economic Blocs, Council of Governors, County Assemblies, National Treasury, Ministry of East Africa Community, Local and International Experts, Private Sector and Development Partners.

The 3rd Basis for equitable sharing of Revenue

  • How effective is it?
  • Financial Autonomy of County Assemblies

Panelists will comprise of representatives from the National Treasury, CRA, Council of Governors, the Senate, and National Assembly and Subject Matter experts

 Role of Parliament in facilitating the devolved system of governance;

  • Devolved Financing-financial autonomy for county assemblies
  • Unbundling of functions
  • Further decentralization of service delivery beyond county headquarters
  • Impeachment at Counties

Panelists will comprise representatives from the Senate, Council of Governors, Controller of Budget, County Assemblies, Judiciary, IGRTC, Ministry of Devolution and Planning

 Enhancement of County Governments Own Source Revenue

  • Policy and legislation
  • Capacity building

Panelists: Representatives from the National Treasury, Controller of Budget, Council of Governors, County Assemblies, Development Partners, Subject matter experts

Discussion on Constitutional review

  • The issues on merging of counties; position of the County Assemblies on the proposed referendum
  • The Voice of mwananchi

Panelists will comprise of representatives from political parties, Senate, County Assemblies, Council of Governors, Civil Society Organizations and Development Partners

 The fight against corruption

  • Measures for oversight- to include role of the public
  • The role of the legislative arm in both levels of government
  • The role of the Judiciary and other related institutions
  • Legal Framework

Panelists will comprise of representatives from the County Assemblies, Senate and National Assembly, EACC, Judiciary, Office of the DPP, Auditor General, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations, Local and International Experts.

Public Finance Management in Kenya

  • Financial Oversight in Kenyan Legislatures
  • Wage bill

Panelists will comprise representatives from the Senate, County Assemblies, National Treasury, Council of Governors, and Development Partners

Panelists will comprise of representatives from the Senate, County Assemblies/CAF, Council of Governors, PDU, Development Partners and Private Sector

Panelists will comprise of representatives from the Controller of Budget, Central Bank of Kenya, National Treasury, County Assemblies Forum, Senate, Council of Governors and IGRTC

There will be activities that will be held as build up to the main conference as follows;

Pre-summits on Gender, Youth and People Living With Disability

The Constitution has placed a lot of emphasis on gender representation at all levels of leadership and there has been a lot of debate on this. The youth also play a key role in the current and future economy of the country. PWDs are equal members of the society and are not to be discriminated in any way.

The pre-summits on these special groups will review progress made in implementation of the resolutions of the previous Summits and develop new action areas in line with the theme of the Summit for consideration during the Summit. These Pre-summits will be a day prior to the Summit on 14th April 2019.


The Legislative Summit, 2019 is proposed to be held on 14th -18th April, 2019 in Kisumu County.