One of the core mandates of CAF is capacity building of members. Below are some of the key achievements of CAF with regards to capacity building of members.
Capacity building for Wajir County
CAF has been seeking to enhance the capacity of the counties which have faced historical marginalization. Wajir County is an example of such counties that need greater capacity development for legislative, oversight and representation strengthening.
CAF is committed to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and especially SDG 5- Gender Equality. CAF has continued to put emphasis on the need to ensure gender equality through gender mainstreaming. In 2018, CAF in partnership with the UN Women undertook a project that was aimed at ensuring that County Assemblies capacity are enhanced to mainstream and integrate gender in their legislative business including enhancing the participation of women legislators.
CAF conducted sensitization workshops for County Assemblies’ party whips, chairpersons of women caucus, as well as majority and minority party leaders in the County Assemblies. In the same period also conducted CAF capacity building workshops for implementation committees and budget committees. The output of these activities is that there was change of attitude towards women leadership among male MCAs. The party whips committed to ensure that they whip their party members to vote for equal representation in the house committees. The party leaders committed to support bills and motions sponsored by their Women MCAs. In order to ensure harmonized and sustainable gender mainstreaming, CAF developed a curriculum for the training of women MCAs. Following the launching of the curriculum, a total of 457 women MCAs was trained and mentored on leadership skills representing 62% of the total number of nominated and elected women MCA. What’s more, 42 County Assemblies were represented in the cluster trainings – 89.3%. These women leaders made commitment to strengthen their caucus groups towards achieving gender equality in the assemblies

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